Hotel Turismo

Il documentario è un breve spaccato sulla vita di Formosa, la regione più a Nord dell’Argentina, che si trova a un bivio tra l’accettare lo sviluppo del turismo promosso dal governo e la realtà di un paese arretrato e in buona parte abitato da tribù native che vogliono essere lasciate in pace.

” Hotel Turismo is a lighthearted documentary, filmed in Argentina, about life in the past and expectations for the future of the native tribes of Formosa. Formosa is the northest province in Argentina, on the border with Paraguay. Formosa is also the name of its capital. It is the center of industry and has always been a tourist resort for Argentinians.

After the devaluation of Peso, in 2002, investments have been made in order to turn the city and its province into an international paradise for tourists. Anyway, if you travel just a few miles from the Capital, you can realize how poor the remaining of the territory is.

The local community is made by natives, who have lived, so far, almost totally separated from the rest of the world. Today they are at a turning point: on the one side, preserve their traditions and protect their life style; on the other, accept the price of development and adapt to the changes caused by the promotion of tourism.”


A Mattia Balsamini and Edoardo Vojvoda production.
In collaboration with Ministerio de Turismo de Formosa


Directed by – Edoardo Vojvoda
Produced by – Mattia Balsamini, Edoardo Vojvoda
Photography by – Edoardo Vojvoda, Mattia Balsamini
Edited by – Edoardo Vojvoda
Sound Design & Mix – Riccardo Vojvoda
Composer – Daniel Diaz
Graphics & Maps – Christian Babuin
Interviews – Maria Delfina Páez
Narration – Mavì Carcione
Translation – Anna Rihawi


We wish to thank (in alphabetic order):
Gomez Adunias – Director Etnia Wichí
Alberto Andrés Areco – Ministro de Turismo de Formosa
Alicia B. Borrini – Manager Museo Histórico y Regional “Juan Pablo Duffard”
Graciela Buiatti – Director of Patrimonio Socio Cultural
Manuel Cama – Assistant of Centro de Salud
Clementino Carrizo – Assistant of Centro de Salud
José Esteban – Asociación Discapacitados Indígenas Rios
Rolando Fabián – School teacher of Campo del Cielo
Delfin Garcia – Cacique of Campo del Cielo
Raul Gonzales – Craftsman of Campo del Cielo
Nicolas Parodi – Photographer
María Herma Lezcano – School Tutor of C.B.S.R N°122
Manuel Lima – Builder of Campo del Cielo
Mauro Liver – Juan José Rossi’s Assistant
Norma Machuca – Public Relations at Archivo Histórico de Formosa
Olga Medina – School Principal of Campo del Cielo
Norma Martinetti – Manager of Archivo Histórico de Formosa
Antonio Domingo Nota
Maria Delfina Páez
Silvia Piermarini – Tourism Director at Formosa
Luis Ortiz – Coordinator of Ministerio de Turismo
Viviana Quigley – Photographic Archive of Buenos Aires’s Library
Esteban Máximo Ramírez – President of I.C.A.
Marcelo Rivero – Worker of Campo del Cielo
Juan José Rossi – Professor of History, Phylosophy and Ethnography
Francisco Carlos Ruiz – Director of Coordinación de Comunidades Aborígenes
Marcela Spinacce
Jorge Torres – Manager of Centro de Salud

The San Vicente de Paul Foundation of Buenos Aires and above all Graciela Carnevole, Adrian Thier, Sergio Zobkow and Antonia.

All the inhabitants of Campo del Cielo and everyone who contributed to this documentary.

©Edoardo Vojvoda and Mattia Balsamini, 2015