Restoring Fiat S61

Role: Director, Editor

First video for FCA Heritage, a new department of FCA focused on the historic cars of Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Abarth.

“The Fiat S61 is the forefather of racing vehicles. The forerunner of many Formula 1 cars that evolved from this vehicle with great presence.”
— Roberto Giolito

“The Fiat S61 is the brainchild of a project dating from 1908. It was used in competitions when Fiat decided to race in the US, with five Fiat S61, which made up the Fiat racing team.”
— Raffaele Terlizzi

Directed by – Edoardo Vojvoda
Dir. of Photography – Alessandro Venier
Sound Design and Mix – Riccardo Vojvoda
Music – Riccardo Vojvoda, Stefano Salmaso, Edoardo Pedrotti
Aerial Shots – Claudio Zavagno, Andrea Tomio

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