CMP Campagnolo

CMP Real People

We travel around Italy, to meet ordinary yet very special people and listen to their outdoor life stories. We focuse on showing a day in the life staying 100% true to who these people are. This is an ongoing project, new videos coming soon.

directed by – Edoardo Vojvoda, Mattia Balsamini
edited by – Edoardo Vojvoda
color correction – Mattia Balsamini, Edoardo Vojvoda
post-production – Edoardo Vojvoda

agency – PubbliMarket2

Fausto Menardi – Falconer

Giovanni Rudari – Beekeeper

Paola Finali – Photographer

Lucio Bubacco – Glass Worker

Antonio Santopolo – Fisherman

Helga Rauch – Runner

Franz Niederkofler – Essential Oil Distiller

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